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A little history about our company

Live Pest Free ! Live Healthy

Pest Control professionals are leading Pest control company deals in
Pest control Operations of household Pest in Residential and
commercial Premises Like Hospitality Industries ,Food Handling
Establishments, IT sector ,Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals Units and
residential. All Pest like Cockroaches, Termite, Flies, Lizard,
Spiders, Crawling Insects, Snake away, Bee away, Bedbugs and Pigeon
Control Services is provided.
Why Pest Control Professionals?
• Companies’ just earning maximum profitability because of their
Monopoly in the Market and ultimately the consumer has to pay as
monopolistic companies demand.
• Here at Pest control Professionals you will not only get best
Quality Services in fact get in reasonable rates and you can save up
to 20-30 % of your hard Earned Money.
• Because everyone knows that it’s the consumer who makes Brands not Companies.
• Guaranteed Pest Elimination: Should you ever experience additional
pest activity during the warranty period additional applications are
provided free of charge for most pests.
• Its Just Not a service we provide Pest management solutions for
every Pest Problems.
• Chemicals Used are completely Eco Friendly and Approved by Central
Insecticide Board of India(CIB) and is safe for your Home/Offices
,working Places and Pet.
How PCP values you?
The Value of the Business
If you have a business, pests can ruin your reputation very quickly.
People are not going to want to eat at an establishment that has a
reputation for rats or roaches. A company to monitor for and deal with
pests before they become a problem is vital.
Do not let pests get the upper hand in your home or place of business
and Left on Us Just Call Us On #8899954321.
The Health of the Home
Those who are living in a home infested with roaches and rats are not
going to be in a healthy environment. If you notice that you are
having an issue with these creatures, then you need to make sure that
you get help from a professional company right away. These pests and
others like them can carry diseases and germs, and they can spread
these to humans. Just Call Us for free Inspection and Consultation
The Stability of the Home
Quite literally, the stability of your home could rest on a good pest
control service. Termites are a huge problem in Dehradun (UK), and if
you do not take care of this issue, they could start eating away at
your home. Termite control and inspections to make sure that you are
not in the midst of a termite problem is going to be important. Just
Call Us for free Inspection and Consultation @08899954321

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#Our Services
1,Professionals #Termite Control service(Pre & Post Construction Buildings)
2.Professionals #Cockroach Control service (German cockroach,American
cockroach,Oriental Cockroaches,Brown banded Cockroaches)
3.Professionals #Rat control Service
4.Professionals #Flies management Service
5.Professionals #Mosquitoes control Service.
6.Professionals #Lizard Control Service
7.Professionals #Spider Control Services.
8.Professionals #Bedbug Control service.
9.Professionals #Pigeon away service (Pigeon,myna)
10.Professionals #Bee away Service (Honey Bee & wasp Nest)
11.Prpfessionals line barrier service for crawling Insects (centipedes
,millipedes,Ants, etc)
satisfied customers in #Dehradun , #Mussoorie ,#Rishikesh , #Haridwar#Uttarakhand #uttranchal #Jammu #Punjab


Our house was completely damaged by. Termites it was uncontrollable and was increasing day by day ,founding mud tubes and removing tubes of termite was became in my daily routine .then my friend told me about pest control professionals and i called them and they treated my house without any obstruction to was really smooth and professionals working .Thanks to PCP .

                                 Amrita Saha ,Dehradun,Uttarakhand


"we were facing problem of cockroaches infestation in our kitchen many times we ignore but when my son fell ill i not compromised and call pest control professionals and know the kitchen and my home is cockroaches free thanks to Pest control professionals for their good job.

Samiksha Sharma

Dehradun Uttrakhand

The Quality of Pest control professionals is amaging and moreover the rates are just pocket friendly .Any one can belive on their technical competency and quality .GREAT BRAND

                                              with best wishes

                                           Ravinder s Rathore

                                    Dehradun Uttarakhand

We really appreciate Pest control Professionals for their dedicated work to remove pigeon Problem from by Flat in Dehradun

                   with Best wishes


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The Day starts from kitchen move to offices and end to your become uneasy when you see pest moving whole day with you,from cockroaches in kitchen to bedbugs at night.

so that you just enjoy your lifestyle and left rest on us.

There is really no reason that you should go into your kitchen/offices or bed and look around only to be disappointed. It is time to do something about that and we are here to help you out. If you already have ideas of what you want to do or you need us to help give you some ideas, don't hesitate to give us a call right now! 08899954321.

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